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Portland Tribune

HP raises Ink and Toner pricing, AGAIN
Portland Tribune
New printers perpetuate users to fall into the trap of using 'low yield" or "standard" replacement cartridges after the "set up" or "introductory" cartridges quickly empty instead of replacing them with the better value 'high yield' cartridges. The ...

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The Commercial Dispatch

Really Really Free Market? What's the catch? That's just it -- there isn't one
The Commercial Dispatch
Office supplies, sports equipment, clothing and tools are popular as well. No large items too big for one person to carry away, no chemicals or unused paint, pets, empty toner or ink cartridges -- but everyone contributes something and can go away with ...

PC Advisor

Fix printing problems: The printer won't print
PC Advisor
... so start with the basics, such as checking to see whether there is an error message or warning light on the printer, making sure there is paper in the tray, checking the ink cartridges aren't empty, the USB cable is plugged in or the printer is ...

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M2 magazine

Epson Ecotank Printers The Closest We Have To Infinite Ink
M2 magazine
That dull, lifeless flashing of 'TONER EMPTY' somehow taunting you, rubbing it in that its own system is compromised. For the longest time, ink has been the most crucial part of a printer. Without ink, you can't print. It's also a big thorn in the side ...

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HP detonates its timebomb: printers stop accepting third party ink en masse
Boing Boing
Lexmark had an "I am empty" bit in their cartridges; when the cartridge ran out of toner, the bit flipped to "true." Even if you refilled your cartridge, your printer wouldn't use it, because it saw the cartridge as empty. Static Controls figured out ...
Firmware update for HP printers bans third-party inkPCWorld
HP 'timebomb' prevents inkjet printers from using unofficial cartridgesThe Guardian
HP Is Blocking Unofficial Replacement Cartridges For Its Inkjet PrintersLifehacker Australia -Goedkope Inkt Cartridges & Toners voor alle printers! -BBC News
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Sonoma Index-Tribune

Lorna Sheridan: Education Roundup Dec. 13
Sonoma Index-Tribune
Wrecking their planet: America's children have won the right to sue the government over global warming. A lawsuit filed by two dozen kids, ages 9 to 20, was ruled valid by a U.S. district judge. The litigants charge President Obama, the fossil fuel ...

Ars Technica

Op-Ed: Lexmark's war against a man who recycles toner cartridges
Ars Technica
In the 1990s, Smith segued from selling IBM-compatible typewriter ribbons to selling remanufactured printer ink cartridges. He bought the used cartridges from recyclers who offered them by the bin. Smith didn't know where in the world the cartridges ...

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